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His professional brethren, Every single for himself, adopted various hypotheses, more or less plausible, but all dressed out in a very perplexing thriller of phrase, which, if it usually do not demonstrate a bewilderment of thoughts in these erudite medical professionals, absolutely leads to it inside the unlearned peruser of their opinions.

2. To repeat a quick passage or excerpt from: The saxophonist quoted a Duke Ellington melody in his solo.

1. to repeat the precise text of somebody since they had been reported or prepared. to estimate Shakespeare / Shakespeare's text / from Shakespeare, `Is this a dagger which I see in advance of me?' aanhaal يَقْتَبِس цитирам citar citovat zitieren citere παραθέτω τα λόγια κπ. έτσι όπως τα έχει πει citar tsiteerima نقل قول کردن siteerata citer לְצַטֵט दुहराना navesti, citirati idéz mengutip vitna í, hafa (orðrétt) eftir citare 引用する 인용하다 cituoti citēt memetik citerensiterecytować را اخيستل، را نقلول، اقتباس كول: نرخ ټاكل citar a cita цитировать citovať citirati citirati citera อ้างมาจากหนังสือ aktarmak, alıntı yapmak 引述 цитувати کسی شخص کی کہی گئي یا لکھی گئی بات کو ہو بہو دہرانا trích dẫn 引述

(CNN) Two much more safety officers have been placed on depart and passengers say They're getting payment after a United Airlines passenger's violent removal from a flight on Sunday.

Professionals get The work performed. They're dependable, plus they preserve their claims. If situation come up that avert them from providing on their promises, they manage expectations up front, they usually do their ideal to make the specific situation suitable.

noun ten. a one who belongs to one of several professions, Specifically one of many realized professions. 11. a one who earns a residing in a Activity or other profession routinely engaged in by amateurs: a golf professional.

(= expert, capable) bit of operate etcetera → fachmännisch, fachgemäß, fachgerecht; worker, man or woman → gewissenhaft; company, technique → professionell; (= skilled) overall performance → kompetent, sachkundig, professionell; he didn’t make an exceptionally professional career of that → er hat das nicht sehr fachmännisch erledigt; he taken care of the matter in an exceptionally professional method → er hat die Angelegenheit in sehr kompetenter Weise gehandhabt; that’s not an exceedingly professional Mind-set on your perform → das ist doch nicht die richtige Einstellung (zu Ihrem Beruf); it’s not up to professional expectations → es entspricht nicht fachlichen Normen; a typed letter appears to be much more professional → ein maschine(n)geschriebener Quick sieht professioneller aus

quotation, cite - consult with for illustration or proof; "He reported he could quotation a number of instances of this actions"

Immediately after the feminine dancer finishes her solo, just one male voice is Obviously heard shouting "Bravo!" from the viewers. The right word is "Brava", the feminine of bravo. See much more » Quotes

Right after her father, mom, older sister and minor brother are killed by her father's employers, the twelve-year-previous daughter of the abject drug seller is compelled to take refuge within the apartment of the professional hitman who at her ask for teaches her the ways of his career so she normally takes her revenge about the corrupt DEA agent who ruined her everyday living by killing her beloved brother. Prepared by

A check out what goes on backstage through the last broadcast of America's most celebrated radio clearly show, wherever singing cowboys Dusty and Lefty, a rustic songs siren, and a host of Some others hold court.

Visual Studio Professional supplies effective features to quickly realize your code. Code lens can help you continue to be focused on your work by displaying code page references, improvements towards your code, exhibiting who last modified a method, or finding no matter whether checks are passing — all from correct in which you are in the code.

You recognize that it's vital to be professional if you would like be a hit. But Exactly what does "becoming professional" truly signify?

Walter, the chinaman who peed on my rug, I can not go give him a bill, so what the fuck do you think you're talking about?

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